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Capital: Madrid


Total Population (millions): 47,615,034
Natural Increase: 0.4%
Density: 95 Inhab./Sq. km
Urban population: 81.3%
Population of main metropolitan areas: Madrid (3,334,800); Barcelona (1,664,200); Valencia (800,300); Sevilla (691,400); Zaragoza (681,900); Malaga (578,500); Murcia (459,400); Palma (422,600); Las Palmas (381,300); Bilbao (350,200)
Ethnic Origins: The population is composed of a combination of people of Mediterranean and Nordic origins. Native-born Spanish represent 88.7% of the population, and foreigners 11.3%, the majority of whom are Moroccans, Romanians, Colombians, Ecuadorians and Venzuelans. (Spanish Statistical Office).
Official Language: Castilian (Spanish)
Other languages spoken: Some regions use their regional language for conducting business (Euskera, Catalan, Galician, Valencian). Other minor regional languages can be used: Bable, Aragonese, Aranese, Extremaduran.
Business language: Spanish.
English is rarely used but it is developing.
Religion: Catholics 77% (50% practicing); Muslims, Protestants, etc.: 3%; non believers: 19%.

Local time:

It is %T:%M %A in/à Madrid

Exchange rate on :

Name of the national currency: Euro (EUR)

Country overview

Area: 505,965 Sq. km
Type of State: Spain is a constitutional monarchy based on a parliamentary democracy.
Power is highly decentralized; the autonomous communities have a high level of legislative, executive and fiscal autonomy.
Type of economy: High revenue country; Member of OECD.
Economy based principally on tourism and financial services; world's top producer of olive oil. Unemployment rate among the highest in Europe
Human Development Index*: 0.876/1
Human Development Index (world rank): 26/188

Note: (*) HID is an indicator which synthesizes several data such as life expectancy, level of education, professional careers, access to culture etc.


Telephone code:
To call from Espanya, dial 00
To call Espanya, dial +34
Internet suffix: .es
Computers: 39.3 per 100 inhabitants
Telephone lines: 41.1 per 100 inhabitants
Internet users: 72.0 per 100 inhabitants
Access to electricity: 100% of the population

Foreign trade in figures

Foreign trade indicators 20192020202120222023
Imports of goods (milions USD) 372,750326,192419,700494,259470,328
Exports of goods (milions USD) 334,018308,317379,969415,462423,221
Imports of services (milions USD) 86,02561,76176,86886,44297,414
Exports of services (milions USD) 156,82290,049118,546165,241198,126

Font: WTO – World Trade Organisation, Ultimes dades disponibles.


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