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Intellectual Property

National organizations
Oficina Espanola de Patentes y Marcas for patents and trademark registrations.
Intellectual Property Central Registry
The competencies related to intellectual property were transferred to the Autonomous Communities which have their own registry, in coordination with the Intellectual Property Central Registry.
Regional organizations
OEB, European Patent's Office,
EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office
International membership
Member of the WIPO
Signatory to the Paris Convention
Membership to TRIPS

National regulation and international agreements

Type of property and law Validity International agreements signed
« Ley de patentes » (11/1986 of March 20)
20 years
« Ley de marcas » (17/2001 of December 7)
10 year protection, renewable by 10 year periods. Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement
« Ley de protección Jurídica del Diseño Industrial » 20/2003 of July 7)
5 year protection, renewable for 5 year periods, up to 25 years maximum.  
Royal Legislative Order 1/1995 of April 12
lifetime of the author plus 70 years after his death. WIPO copyright treaty
Industrial Models
Royal Law-Order of July 26, 1929
20 years  

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