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According to the latest data by Eurostat, road transport accounted for more than 90%. In term of road transport of goods in the national territory, Spain is among the first countries european in 2018.

Rail traffic accounts for only 5% of the traffic. It is slow, it is not very reliable and the railway network is not well-maintained - these are definitely the causes for poor rail traffic. Trains are especially borrowed by the iron and steel products, mining products, coal, propane and butane. Combined transport of goods (especially combined road and rail transport) is expanding.

Spain is the second country in Europe in terms of volumes of seaborne freight handling. Freight traffic in Spanish ports exceeded 500 million tons. The increase in port freight transport activity in Spain was 6.8%, compared to 2017. Container freight traffic reaches 17 million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) in December 2019.
Algeciras is the largest port in Spain, the third largest on the Mediterranean, and the ninth largest port in Europe in terms of trade, and around 70 million tons of cargo pass through it per year. The Port of Valencia is Spain's second-busiest port. Its economic importance derives from the fact that about 50% of the country's GDP is generated within a radius of 350 km from the port, as well as half of the country's employment. The nearby Ports of Sagunto and Gandia fall under the supervision of Valencia's Port Authority, and the port area saw a total of 70.7 million tons of cargo in 2018 (latest data available). The port of Barcelona is Spain's third-largest port and it plays a significant role in cargo shipping, managing 63 million tons of cargo each year. Barcelona has the largest port in the region of Catalonia, which produces 18% of the country's GDP.

Air freight represents more than 800 000 million tons in 2018. Madrid airport recorded a total of almost 500 000 tons of cargo, while Barcelona airport almost 150 000 tons in 2018 (latest data available by Eurostat). Both are part of the top 20 airports in the EU.
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