Xina flag Xina: Entorn econòmic

Estàndards industrials i comercials a la Xina


National standards organizations
Integration in the international standards network
Member of:
- The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) and of the International Electronic Commission (IEC)
- The APEC/SCSC, Sub-committee of Standards and Conformity of the Organisation of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
- The ASEM/TFAP/SCA, Plan and Standards of action for facilitation of commercial exchanges and evaluation of conformity of the Asia-Europe Dialogue (ASEM)
- The Congress of Standards for the Pacific Zone (PASC)
Classification of standards
List of Chinese Codes and Standards.
On-line consultation of standards
Publications relating to the Chinese standards of the SAC.
Certification organizations
CCC Chinese Obligatory Certification
Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) Administration of Certification and Accreditation of China

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